I have been hanging out at wikipedia a lot lately to learn about the sites we will see on our trip. I just pick a topic and search for info on it. I need to start setting a countdown timer or alarm, though, because I just keep following links and get totally lost in all that interesting information.

A few days ago I started at Pompeii and just followed links from there. Before I knew it, an hour had flown by and I had to hurry to an appointment.

Here’s a web page that has links to wikipedia pages that roughly follow the itenerary of the trip.

Cell Phones

From what I’ve been able to gather, Italy and Greece use GSM cell phone networks, although at a different frequency than here in the US. I unlocked my Cingular Motorola V551 cell phone so that it can work on networks other than Cingular. That was a pain. It took several attempts and most of a morning. The newer Motorolas seem to be especially problematic to unlock. I purchased a SIM card on eBay that allegedly will allow me to use the phone in Italy without roaming. It will also give me a local number there.