6/17 Sunday

After breakfast in the motel, we drove downtown and parked in a garage near the plaza. The parking garages downtown blend in very well with the pueblo style buildings.

We went to the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum at 10:00 a.m. when it opened. We watched a short intro movie, then viewed the exhibits. We also listened to a docent give a 30-minute presentation on O’Keeffe and three of her works. We finished looking at the works in the museum, then headed to the plaza for lunch.

We picked up some chicken and red chile tamales from a street vendor that were really good. There was an arts and crafts fair going on in the plaza which we looked at while we waited for a historic walking tour at 1:15. The tour started at La Fonda (which means “the hotel”), visited several historic buildings, finishing with the mysterious staircase in the Loredo Chapel.

After the tour, T bought a necklace from a street vendor, then we went for a drive along the high road to Taos. We turned around partway there since the complete drive there and back would have kept us out later than we wanted. Once back in Santa Fe, we stopped at Diego’s Cafe and ate supper. Teagan got enchilada trios and R got plato azules (a blue corn enchilada and a chile relleno). Sopapillo’s were served with the meal. Everything was very good. Then back to the motel.

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