6/29 Friday

We left Springdale around 8:00 a.m. to head to Bryce Canyon. We stopped at the Visitor’s Center for information and an intro movie. Around 11:00, we started our first hike. Beginning at Sunset Point, we took the Navajo Trail to the Queen’s Garden Trail and returned to Sunset Point along the Rim Trail. The Navajo Loop was partly closed due to a recent slide near Wall Street. Being able to get down near the hoodoos was really neat. We really saw up close how erosion has created some of natures strangest geological features.

After that hike, we ate lunch in the nearby picnic grounds, and then drove to Inspiration Point for a 2:00 p.m. ranger talk geology. After that, we drove to the south end of the park. The view from the south end was amazing. We could see over 100 miles away. We could see distant features like Navajo Mountain, the White Cliffs, and the Vermilion Cliffs.

We drove back to Ruby’s Motel and checked in. Then we went to the north end of the park for a hike to Mossy Cave and a waterfall. Then back to Sunset Point to see how the sunset was shaping up. After we took some pictures of the hoodoos with the warm light from the low sun, we decided the sunset wouldn’t be that interesting there, so we checked out the gift shop at Bryce Lodge and also at Ruby’s. We returned to Sunset Point to see the full moon and take more pictures, then back to the motel.

One thought on “6/29 Friday”

  1. Wall Street was closed when we were there last Oct.

    Bryce is one of my favorite parks. Because we were there late in the season, we didn’t ride the shuttles. I’d like to have ridden a shuttle one time when we hiked the Fairyland Loop Trail. Fairyland Point isn’t inside the park. The trail ends close to Sunrise Point, and we had to take the Rim Trail back to Fairyland Point.

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