7/1 Sunday

After checking out of the motel, we went to the Vistor’s Center at Capitol Reef National Park. Capitol Reef is the least visited national park in Utah. We decided to do the most popular trail in the park, the Hickman Bridge Trail, which was 2 miles round trip. After that, we did the scenic drive of the park which was cool. Then we looked at some petroglyphs in the rocks.

We got lunch in Hanksville at Blondies. We got gas at a gas station there too. The gas station was built into a rock. Then we went to Natural Bridge National Monument. It had 3 natural bridges in it. We hiked down to 2 of them and saw the 3rd one from the overlook. The trails were neat and different.  One had a ladder on it made from tree limbs.
We continued our trip to Monument Valley. We checked in and ate super at the restaurant in our motel. We both got Navajo tacos. Dad ate just about all of his but I didn’t eat all of mine. We watched an introduction movie to Monument Valley. It wasn’t really that good. It was mostly pics but not alot of words. I was expecting more information from it.

After that we drove around to watch the sunset and take pics. Then back to the motel.

One thought on “7/1 Sunday”

  1. We hiked the Hickman Bridge Trail, too.

    Hanksville is a really sad looking place, isn’t it? The gas station is interesting. Last year the highway in Hanksville, was under water due to flooding from the creek or river that runs by the highway. The area experienced the most rain in its history. We were lucky to have gone through there a couple of days previously. We missed a day at “Needles” in Canyonlands because of the rain; and the resulting flooding washed out a bridge to the parking lot for the Delicate Arch Trail in Arches Nat. Park. It wasn’t opened until after we left, but we’d hiked it on another trip.

    We’ve hiked those trails in Natural Bridges; and it seems that “National Monument” status should be changed to “National Park” status.

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