7/2 Monday

We went on a 3.5 hour tour of Monument Valley beginning at 9:00 a.m. In addition to the main monuments, the tour also visited several restricted areas farther into the Navajo reservation.

Being in Monument Valley in person is quite different than seeing the buttes and mesas in a TV commercial or an old western movie. The feeling created by the size and stature of the monuments is quite humbling.  After the tour, we headed to Four Corners via Kayenta, where we ate lunch at Golden Sands Cafe. Once at the Four Corners Monument, we did the usual tourist thing where someone stands in all four states simultaneously while another takes a picture. We also visited several of the Navajo merchants that surround the monument. So we got to shop in four states, also.

We arrived in Cortez, CO, around 4:30. After checking in at the motel, we went the vistors’ center for information. In addition to information about Mesa Verde NP, they pointed us to the Cortez Cultural Center for some night activities.

So, after supper at the Dry Dock, we headed there. There was an hour-long program of Navajo dance, followed by an hour-long talk by one of the surviving Navajo code talkers from World War II. Both programs were very interesting.

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