7/4 Wednesday

After breakfast at the motel, we headed north on the San Juan Skyway toward Silverton. We stopped at the trailhead for the Pass Creek Trail to Engineer Mountain just past the ??? Rest Stop.

We had read that this was a great summer hike bacause it leads to a meadow that has a lot of flowers in bloom in July and August. The trail started at about 11,000 feet. We began at 10:45 a.m. After 2.5 miles, at about 12,000 feet, we came to what the locals call “the big rock.” We at our packed lunch there. There were some light sprinkles and some lightning on the other side of Engineer Mountain, so we watched the weather very closely. After things cleared up a bit, we continued up the mountain to the first major landing after the big rock. The trail was steep at that point, and there was also a lot of snow/slush to make things more difficult. The weather was still looking iffey, so we turned back at that point.

The meadow was spectacular with the flowers, and the view from the meadow and further up the mountain was also great. It was really a good hike. We went about 6 miles roundtrip and up about 1500 feet.

After the hike, we continued north through Silverton and up to Ouray. The skyway going into Ouray is really spectacular. We stopped in Ouray for a snack, and returned to Durango around 6:00 p.m.

We cleaned up from the hike, and headed to downtown for supper and fireworks. We ate at the Tanqueria right on Main Avenue. It was a very festive place with good service and good food. After that, we shopped at the few shops that were open on the holiday, and headed to the area to view the fireworks.

The fireworks lasted about 35 minutes. It was a pretty good show.

Then we returned to the motel around 10:00 p.m.

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