29 Dec 2007

Mom went to walk on the beach. Dad got Teagan up and made her an egg with bacon for breakfast. We went out to walk on the beach with Mom. We saw some very cool things in the tide pools. Derek was still asleep because he wouldn’t get up out of bed. We walked along to the north. Eventually, Mom said she would go back to the condo because she was hungry. Dad and I kept walking for a little while but not much further. Then we decide to go back. while we are walking back to the condo we see Mom walking toward us with a lobster in her hand. She caught a lobster in one of the tidal pools! She was holding it with her hat. We thought we might be able to eat it for super but we had to check the rules so we headed back to the condo to ask the lady in the office if we could keep it. On our way this lady passes us and stops and says Lady what do you plan to do with that lobster? She said that we were not allowed to keep it because we were in the Marine zone. I thought we should probably put it back but Mom was like I understand and just kept walking. when we got to the condo the lady in the office said that we werent allowed to keep it. we kept it in this bucket of water on the beach while Mom went up and tried to get Derek so he could see it. He finally came down and Mom and Derek released it into the water. This whole time people had been coming up to us looking at the lobster. These 2 ladies at the condo kept saying we should cook it for dinner even after we found out we couldn’t keep it.

After that we went snorkeling outside the condo. we saw some pretty cool stuff.

After that we went on a drive around the island. we stopped at sunset house to get information on a beach dive. We went to the south coast and stopped at a lighthouse at Breakers and took pictures there. Then up to botanical gardens, then up to Rum point. We got out at rum point and took pictures there and looked around. We headed back to the condo and stopped at a grocery store to get some food. We had supper at the condo.

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