30 Dec 2007

We began the day by going to the turtle farm at Boatswain’s Beach at the northwest end of the island. This farm raises turtles for consumption and for release. There were about a thousand turtles occupying several tanks. The turtles were sorted by size. Several of the tanks allowed for touching the turtles.

After we toured the tanks, we stopped at a viewing window for a large aquarium. The tank was large enough to house several nurse sharks, blue sharks, jack crevalle, moray eels, and several other species. A staff member gave an interesting presentation about the tank’s inhabitants.

After that, we went to the aviary where we saw several local birds. Then we grabbed some lunch at the on-site restaurant.

After a visit to the gift shop, we changed into snorkeling gear and hit the artificial lagoon at the turtle farm where we swam with turtles and thousands of reef fish. This was a really fun experience.

We wrapped up the snorkeling and headed back to the condo to clean up. Linda and Richard went to a nearby dive shop for a few items. Then we all headed to the beach in front of the condo for some late afternoon snorkeling.

The water was very murky at the beach. Farther out, the visibility was better, but it was nothing like yesterday and the day before. Linda saw what she thinks was a leopard ray, but she only got a glimpse of the tail as it was swimming off.

We returned to the condo for supper, and a game of Qwirkle.

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