31 Dec 2007

We left the condo in the morning and went to the wreck of the Gamma. It is located just offshore in the north part of George Town. The wreck was only about 50 feet from the shore, so it was an easy swim to get to it. The visibility was not very good — maybe 20 feet. Most of the pictures have a lot of back scatter in them.

The wreck was partly above water, but there were openings where we could swim into the hull of the ship. The surf wasn’t bad, so we didn’t get thrown around much.

After the wreck, we went to Eden Rock. This is just south of where most of the cruise ships anchor. The dive shop there has a ladder going to the water for easy access. A swim directly away from shore leads to a reef that goes from about 10 feet to perhaps 35 feet deep. The visibility there was much better that at the Gamma. We could easily see the bottom. There was an abundance of fish life there that included tangs, trigger fish, grouper, and angel fish.

After Eden Rock, we headed south to find a picnic spot. We got to Smith’s Cove and ate lunch. We also walked along the rocky coast.

Then we headed north. We stopped at one of the Dive Tech spots at the north west corner of the island to look at the beach entrance for dives and snorkeling. Then we went to the community of Hell. We took a few pictures there and looked at the gift shops.

We continued exploring the north end of the island all the way to Conch Point. After that we headed back to the condo. Derek and Richard watched some of the Music City Bowl that pitted Derek’s current school against Richard’s alma mater. I won’t mention the outcome.

We ate spaghetti in the condo while watching the game. Afterward, we went to the beach briefly to watch for fireworks along the shore. There was not much wind, so the mosquitos were out. We stayed there about 30 minutes, and returned to the condo.

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