1 Jan 2008

We awoke early in the morning and prepared to go SCUBA diving. We traveled to the Eden Rock dive shop and rented four tanks and various weights and three weight belts. We put on our SCUBA gear and headed towards the water. After we had all gotten in, we tested our masks. Teagan’s mask was leaking, and so some time was spent trying to amend the problem. Linda tried to get Teagan comfortable underwater a few times, but to no avail. After forty-five minutes had elapsed, Richard and Teagan headed for shore while Linda and Derek continued. After spending roughly forty-five more minutes in the water, and after seeing an abundance of fish, coral, and other various aquatic life, Linda and Derek came back to shore.

After peeling off various layers of dive clothing, the family headed next door to Paradise Bar and Grill for lunch. Teagan ordered a turtle burger, so Derek and Teagan both tried turtle meat. Richard went back to the car to get the camera, and, in doing so, remembered that he had forgotten to pay the dive shop. He promptly did so. A rooster was picking around inside of the restaurant, which was little more then a veranda over the sea. The food was good, however, as were the various smoothies that were tried.

After lunch, the family went shopping in downtown George Town. We visited several shops, but bought fairly little. Teagan purchased a shirt and Derek purchased a thimble. Linda wanted ice cream, but most of the food shops were closed, and the open ice cream shop was overly busy. We returned to the car and drove to a nearby dive shop, Diver’s Supply, to see about getting Teagan’s mask fixed. Derek’s BCD also had a leaky dump valve, so we brought that as well. Teagan decided that she would rather have a new mask, as she did not think that her old mask would be of any good any more. Derek’s BCD dump valve had pieces of dead coral inside of it, so that was cleaned out. There was another leak, however, in the liner of the right shoulder. This leak was not fixable, but it was not a major problem. After the dive shop, we stopped at Burger King to satisfy Linda’s ice cream urge. She and Derek got ice cream cones while Teagan got a slice of cappuccino pie. We then returned to the condo.

We ate supper at the condo. We then went down to the beach for family pictures, and then Teagan and Richard built a sandcastle on the beach. The family then engaged in a family game of Quirkle. Teagan won the game by a slim margin over Derek and Linda. Richard was a bit further behind.  The family then drifted off to bed.

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