2 Jan 2008

After breakfast we went to Cemetery Reef to snorkel.  We saw elkhorn coral, and lots of pretty fish.  There was a strong wind away from shore and incredible visibility. We took lots of pictures.  Then we headed back to the condo for lunch.  Teagan and Richard went to Botanical Gardens while Derek and Linda stayed at the condo.  Derek slept most of the time and Linda walked around on the beach.

At Botanical Gardens Richard and Teagan went on a Nature Walk.  It had all the native plants. We saw a few ponds and iguanas. There were places where you could see dead coral.  It looked like the whole place was just dead coral covered in dirt.  It was almost as if you could pick any place in Botanical Gardens and dig down in the dirt and you would come to dead coral. The Nature Walk was ok.  After that we went to the Color Garden. This was spectacular and was much more fun to look at than everything on the Nature Walk.  There were many flowers and many plants with unusual color patterns.  There was a small waterfall that we both took pictures of. We took a lot of pictures in the color garden.  After that we went to the Heritage Garden. It had an old Cayman house and gave you an idea of what a Cayman house would look like about 100 years ago.  There was a chicken coop there and a kitchen separate from the house.  There was also a medicine garden where they would grow plants and use them for medicine.  We looked around in the gift shop and headed back to the condo.

When we got back to the condo we had supper.  We played a family game of heats and Linda won. Derek was in last place by quite a wide margin I must add. Then we just hung out at the condo.

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