4 Jan 2008

The weather was still very overcast and windy, so there were no boat trips. Linda went for a walk on the beach. The water in front of the condo looked pretty calm in spite of the wind.

After some hang time at the condo, we drove south to Smith Cove to check out the water. It was rougher there that at the condo, so we headed back. After a quick lunch of leftovers, we headed to the water.

Near the beach, the water felt cold and was a little murky. Once we got out to the rocky bottom, the water was warmer. The visibility also got much better away from shore.  It was about 30-40 feet in spite of the rough weather.

Once we were about 300-400 yards off shore, we saw came to a reef of coral heads. We saw hundreds of blue tangs and many of the same fish we saw on Cemetery Reef. Linda found a sting ray that we followed for several minutes.

After an hour, Derek and Richard headed in while Linda and Teagan remained. The swim back against the strong wind was more difficult than the swim out. Teagan and Linda remained another 30 minutes before coming back. They found a lobster on the way in hiding under a rock.

Linda went for another walk on the beach and found some shells. After she returned, we ate leftovers for supper and headed to Burger King for dessert. After we got back, we played a game of Qwirkle.

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