We left the inn and drove to A&H market to get food so that we could have a picnic for lunch. Along the way we saw a group of 10 wild turkeys. Right before the Nature Center we stopped at a pullout where we saw Cane Creek and an impressive rock wall. We took some pictures and went on a suspension bridge, which was part of a trail, but we didn’t go on it.

At the market, we got some sandwiches, some drinks and a few snacks. Then we drove to the nature center to do some hiking. We stared on the woodland trail and crossed cane creek on a suspension bridge. Then we took the gorge overlook trail. From one of the overlooks we had a good view of Cane Creek Falls. We saw one small waterfall and one big one. The small one was where Rockhouse Creek empies out. The big one was Cane Creek Falls. Further along the trail we came to Rocky Point which had a huge rock formation. There were other overlooks but they didn’t have very good views. We rejoined the woodland trail and continued to Fall Creek Falls.

We came to a big stream, which was Fall Creek, and took pictures. We crossed another stream, Cooks Creek, and came to Fall Creek Falls. We hiked to the base of the falls. When we got to the end of the trail it was very rewarding, as we got a great view of Fall Creek Falls from below. It was very misty down there so we would keep having to wipe the camera lenses. We hiked back up the trail and then took the woodland trail all the way back to the nature center. We thought we should check out the nature center but it was closed.

We got our lunch out of the car and ate at a picnic table. After lunch we took the Paw Paw Trail from the Nature Center to the Cable Trail. The Cable Trail was a steep decent to the base of Cane Creek Falls. There was a steel cable that ran from a tree at the top to a boulder at the bottom. The cable came in handy at the top when it was real steep but after that it was easier to not use the cable. We got a good few of Cane Creek Falls and hiked back up and took the Paw Paw Trail back to the nature center parking lot.

We came back to the inn for a few minutes. Then we drove on the Scenic Loop drive. There were several pullouts where you could stop and look at the scenery. Some of them were good and some of them weren’t. After that we drove to Piney Creek Falls. It looked like a good waterfall but we could only get a partial view of it. We took the Lower Loop Trail until we got to the suspension bridge, which went over Piney Creek. Then we hiked back to the parking lot. Then we took the Piney Falls Trail, which connects Piney Creek Falls to Fall Creek Falls. We took the trail until we got to a side trail. We took the side trail which leads to Millikan’s Overlook. We had been to Millikan’s Overlook earlier on the Scenic Loop Drive. We did a small trail off the Millikan’s Point and came to Buzzard Point. After that we hiked on the road back to our car at Piney Creek Falls. We drove back to the Nature Center to see if it was open and it wasn’t. On our way back to the inn we stopped to look at the village area. We were pretty much hiked out for the day, so we stayed at the inn and ate supper there.

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