We ate at the hotel and loaded up to head for Cades Cove again. This time we did the Cades Cove tour where we stopped at the various designated places and read the guide. We stopped along the way and had a picnic lunch in one of the meadows.

When we got to the Abrams Falls Road, we took it to the parking lot so we could do the hike. The trail was 2.5 miles to the falls, but there wasn’t much elevation change. We stopped at few places along the way to look at Abrams Creek and take pictures.

There were lots of people on the trail. It is one of the most popular in the park. Along the way to the falls, Teagan dropped her camera and it rolled down the hill toward the creek. It was stopped by a log before it rolled in. Teagan crept down the steep embankment using a crab walk to retrieve the camera. She made a difficult descent and climb out look easy.

We heard the roar from the falls before we got to the end. The falls had much more water flowing than the other falls we have seen in the park. We took some pictures there and headed back. The round trip took just 3 hours.

After the falls, we stopped at the Cable Mill stop on the circuit and spend some time there looking at all the old houses and buildings.

We continued the tour, stopping at the buildings along the way. We saw lots of deer along the way. In one case, a group of three were only a few feet from the van.

We took a few sunset pictures and headed back to the hotel. We walked down the street and ate at the Park Grill.

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