26 May 2008

After breakfast, we headed to Dive Tech by the Turtle Farm on the north end of the island. We entered the water using the ladder there. Underwater, there wasn’t much to see except rock. Off shore, when the depth was about 40 feet, there was a short wall that looked like it might be interesting, but we were snorkeling, so we couldn’t really tell. We cut that trip short (30 minutes total in water) to head for more interesting water.

We headed to Smith’s Cove. We entered the water around 10:50. We turned left after entering and found coral right away. There was a French Angel to greet us. Then we saw a sting ray swimming along near the entrance. Continuing to the left (east) we saw more coral. There were several four-eyed butterflies, four types of urchins, cuddlefish, peacock flounders, lots of other reef fish.

We were in the water about 80 minutes. We stopped at The Captain’s Bakery and Grill to pick up some lunch to take back to the condo. We got some jerk chicken, rice, fried chicken, and flans. The food was pretty good, but the restaurant itself was very disorganized. It took them a long time to get our order out.

After lunch, Richard and Teagan went to the Butterfly Farm. Linda and Derek stayed at the condo. The Butterfly Farm was very interesting. There was a 30-minute guided tour that was very good. The rest of the time was spend wandering through the garden looking at the butterflies.

Teagan and Richard returned to the condo. Mom went out to the beach with an intertube thing to float in the water. Teagan, Derek, and Richard later went down to throw the frisbee. After that, Derek went back up to the condo. Richard and Teagan got in the water with Mom for a while.

We then went up to the condo for the night. Teagan cooked a frozen pizza, which she and Derek ate. Linda and Richard had leftovers.

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