27 May 2008

We got up around 7:00 and had breakfast. Then we got our snorkeling gear ready to go to Stingray City. We arrived at Red Sail Sports at Safehaven at 8:30. We went in the gift shop briefly, then got our stuff and went on the boat. We left the dock around 9:00.

One of the crew gave an introduction and talked a little. There was a photographer that talked to everyone as well. On our way to Stingray City, we went out to the bow of the catamaran and enjoyed the ride in the sun. We got to Stingray City and everyone got in the water. There were lots of tame stingrays on the sandbar about 10ft bellow the surface. Teagan was the first of us that went down and touched a stingray. Then mom did, and Derek. Dad didn’t go down because of his ears. Sometimes one of the crew would bring up a stingray to the surface so people could touch it if they didn’t want to go down. It was a little crowded sometimes but it was ok. There was a good surf, but not too strong. We noticed a lot of people seemed to be trying to fight it, but we would just kina go with it because we were comfortable.

They called for us to come in and we headed to Coral Gardens. Here was a shallow reef in front of the boat, and you could see waves breaking in the distance. The reef looked pretty good. Derek spotted a small eel and showed it to Richard and Teagan. Linda spotted 2 flamingo tongues and showed them to us. Teagan saw this man who was vertical above the reef and was bicycling to put his mask on. It bothered me to see him disturb what might be future coral. We would swim into the reef and let the surf from the breaking waves carry us out.

They called us in and we got lunch. They had 2 different kinds of wraps, a pasta salad, and bread. Derek just got the pasta salad and a piece of bread; he didn’t like either of the wraps they had. The rest of us ate a good meal. They had cookies for dessert. Teagan and Derek got 2; Richard had 1. We enjoyed the ride back to the dock.

We went back to the condo. Teagan and Dad went shopping in Georgetown. Teagan got a music cd at a souvenir shop, which they had been in on our last visit to Cayman. It was hot outside, so they stopped at a place to get drinks. They ended up at an alcoholic drinks place Breezes by the Shore. Teagan got a virgin frozen rasberry daiquiri and Richard got Caybrew. The rasberry daiquiri was pretty big and Teagan got a little cold drinking it. When they went outside, it wasn’t that hot anymore.

On the way back to the condo, they went to Fosters and a beer/wine place in the same shopping center. They returned to the condo and Richard grilled some chicken on the grill by the pool. We had that for supper along with some frozen vegtables Richard heated up. Derek had made the marinate for the chicken while Richard and Teagan were shopping.

After supper we played euker and Richard and Derek won, but it was close.

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