28 May 2008

We left the condo around 10:00 a.m. to head to the east side of the island. We stopped at Turtle Inn in Bodden Town to take a look at their property.

We snorkeled the reef in front of Turtle Inn. The barrier reef is close to the shore on that part of the island. There were grass beds near the shore. The water was shallow all the way to the barrier reef, probably not more than 5 feet at the deepest point. We had to be careful no to kick the bottom. A lot of times we were just using our hands to propel.

There were lots of black durgons there. Linda found nine flamingo tongues on a soft coral.

The wind was strong out of the southeast, so there was a current that carried us westward along the inside of the reef. At one point, we encountered a rip current where the water that was blown inside the barrier reef was escaping. We had to kick pretty hard to get out of the current.

We swam back to shore and showered off. Then we headed to the east end of the island. Along the way, we saw the blow hole near the southeast end of the island. We took a few pictures there and then headed to Collier at the northeast corner of the island.

We ate sandwiches at the beach near the Red Sail Sports trailer. Then we got our snorkel gear and started snorkeling just north of the pier at Morritt’s Tortuga Club. We let the current carry us northward. Teagan swam through a large school of silversides on the way out. We saw queen conch, lots of squirrel fish, Derek found a colorful flounder and a lobster. Linda found a toadfish. There were lots of tarpon near the pier in front of Reef Resort where we got out.

Then we headed to the north sound. We parked about 0.5 miles west of the Queen Elizabeth statue in a public beach access area. There was brain coral right at the shore. Swimming out, the depth got very shallow. After the shallow part, the bottom was rocky with lots of yellow sea fans, but little hard coral. we swam out about 200 yards, but didn’t find any reef, so we headed back to the shallow area where things were more interesting.

We found lobster skeleton left over from a moulting, a slipper lobster, and a huge fish that we couldn’t see well enough to identify hiding in a hole in the coral.

After we got out, we headed to Rum Point for some refreshments. We got some smoothies, a rum runner for Linda, and a cheeseburger for Derek. Afterward, we walked out on the pier. Then we headed back to the condo around 5:00 p.m.

We ate left overs at the condo for supper. There was a nice sunset from all the clouds in the sky from th e rainy weather.

We played a game of Yatzee after supper.

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