29 May 2008

The storms from the south have set in. The forecast predicts 60% chance of rain each of the next several days with 20mph winds from the southeast. Undaunted, we set out to check Eden Rock in George Town as a snorkeling site.

We got there around 10:15 and were lucky enough to find a parking space right on the water near Paradise Bar and Grill. The coast there is iron shore, so an entrance ladder is required. The one at Paradise requires that you have a safety vest to use, so we walked down to Eden Rock Dive Shop and entered at their ladder. We swam out the Devil’s Grotto where the reef ascends from about 40 feet to about 10 feet below the surface and snorkeled directly in front of the dive shop. We headed east (left) to follow the reef. We saw SCUBA divers below. The amount of coral there is impressive. We saw a huge school of blue tangs and watched them for a while. Then we headed west to the coral formations referred to as Eden Rock.

We saw our first trumpet fish on this trip there. There was a file fish that we couldn’t identify for sure.

After an hour in the water, we headed to the ladder at Paradise restaurant, assuming they would let us out there even without a safety vest. There were several tarpon hanging out at the ladder. As we were walking back to the car, the rain returned and rinsed us off. We changed at the car and headed to Paradise for lunch. Teagan got conch fritters, Derek got a fish sandwich, and Linda and Richard got Caribbean soup. We all shared an order of fried plantains.

After lunch we drove to Pedro St. James where Teagan and Richard toured the “castle.” There was a multimedia presentation to explain the history. Then Carl, our tour guide and a direct descendant of the original owner of the house, gave us a tour of the restored house. The original stone structure is still there, but the wooded porches and floring had all been rebuilt.

After the tour, we looked in the gift shop and headed back to the condo. On the way, we stopped at Foster’s for supplies. Back at the condo, we had spaghetti with meat sauce for supper. Derek and Richard watched soccer and basketball on TV, and Linda and Teagan worked crossword and Sudoku puzzles, respectively.

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