30 May 2008

We got up late and headed to Rum Point at 10:30.  We stopped along the way at Prospect Point, where we saw a monument that had been destroyed by Ivan. It was leaning a little and there was a crack in it. We took pics and looked at the water.

Then we drove around Rum Point, on different parts of it that we hadnt seen before. We stopped at this picnic area to eat lunch. We ate sandwiches and cookies.

We went to the main area of Rum Point and looked at the water in a place Richard had read was a good snorkeling spot. The wind looked too strong there, so we went to the Red Sail Sports ppl to get some advice.

We ended up at a public beach access area very close to Rum Point. There was alot to see; we stayed in almost 2 hours. It had lots of coral and sea fans. It was very shallow, probably didnt get deeper than 6ft. We a few fish we had never seen before. One was orange and small. Another had lots of black spots on it. We saw a juvenile angelfish and 2 big lobsters under a rock.

After the snorkel, we went to the main area of Rum Point and got some smoothies. Then we headed back to the condo and had rotisserie chicken for super. We played Euker afterwards.

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