31 May 2008

We got up early this morning. The weather is unchanged from the past few days except that the wind is a little calmer. Tropical storm Andrew is still in the Caribbean throwing heavy clouds and light rain our way.

Richard and Teagan left around 8:00 a.m. and headed to the Butterfly Farm. They got there early to see butterflies emerging from their chrysalis. Linda and Derek got picked up at the condo at 8:30 for a dive trip.

Teagan and Richard headed to George Town, after seeing the butterflies again, to go to the National Museum. It turned out that the museum was not open while its new home is being finished. So they visited lots of shops in George Town. They had lunch at Hard Rock Cafe. Teagan got a spinach garlic burger and Richard got a jerk chicken sandwich. When they got back to their rented car to return to the condo, they realized that Teagan had left her camera in one of the shops, so the retraced their steps, but couldn’t find the shop with the camera. They had given up and were on the way to the car when they saw the shop with the camera. Then they returned to the condo.

Linda and Derek had just gotten back from their dive trip. They dove two spots on the north wall a little west of Rum Point. The fist dive was on a site called Gail’s Mountain. It was a wall that started at around 60ft and had a great deal of lobsters on it. We did not actually dive below the top of the wall, as we didn’t want to have to do any decompression stop. Linda spotted a neat anemone. There was not all that much to see except for lobsters, and assorted fish. It was much like a snorkel, except 60ft underwater. We made a safety stop at 20 feet for a few minutes, then one at 15ft for 5 minutes. Our second dive location was called Leslie’s Curl. It was so named because the wall has a curl at the top of it, and it was discovered by someone named Leslie (obviously). The wall began at around 55ft, and nobody dove below 55ft as this was our shallow dive. Derek spotted a fairly large Green Morey and several pictures of it free-swimming were obtained. A Queen Triggerfish was spotted by the crew member, as well as a small turtle. Many pictures of the turtle were taken, but sadly, no picture of the triggerfish was obtained. Again, a safety stop was taken at 20 feet for a few minutes and another one at 15 feet for 5 minutes.

Derek, Teagan, and Richard figured out how to play three-handed picochle and completed one game to 1500. Teagan was victorious.

Teagan and Richard went for a swim in the ocean in front of the condo while Linda chilled on the beach. We all ate a supper of dirty rice fixed at the condo.

We looked at recent vacation pictures afterward.

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