1 June 2008

We spent the morning at the condo playing pinochle. Teagan and Richard won. After lunch, we drove north to the public beach near the Alfresco Restaurant because we had heard it was a good snorkeling spot. We snorkeled out about 100 yards, then turned right (north) and swam past the pier. We never saw anything interesting, so we got out and headed to the Eden Rock Dive Shop where we know things are good.

We got in using the ladder at the dive shop and swam out to Devel’s Grotto. Then we headed south to get to a part we had not visited before. We found a flounder in the sand on the way out. Then we saw the same school of blue tangs we found during our last visit here. We also saw a usual assortment of reef fish here, including black durgons, damselfish, parrot fish, and blue chromis. We also saw a green sea turtle that was about 2 years old. We swam with the turtle for several minutes. On the way back in, we saw a baby file fish.

After we got out, we headed back to the condo. We played another round of pinochle and ate supper there. Linda and Derek won.

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