2 June 2008

We stayed at the condo until lunch hoping for the weather to get better because it was very overcast. We played a game of Qwirkle and Derek won. We ate lunch at the condo and headed to George Town to snorkel Cheeseburger Reef.

On the way, we stopped at the Grandview condos to look at their property. We got in a vacant oceanfront unit so we could see what they were like. Once we were finished there, we went to Eden Rock Dive Shop to look at their shirts.

Then it was off to Cheeseburger Reef, which is just offshore from a Burger King (hence the name). Richard had seen a picture on the web that showed an entry point just south of BK, so we entered the water there. Unfortunately, there was a strong current going south so we had to fight the current all the way to the reef. On the way to the reef, Derek spotted a smooth trunkfish. Just as we got to the edge of the reef we saw a sea turtle.

The reef was spread over a large area, so there was plenty to explore. We rested hanging on one of the many mooring lines since we were tired from the current. Richard, Derek and Teagan decided to swim to the far edge of the reef and let the current carry them back. Derek went with them at first but later decided to back downcurrent to where Mom was. Richard and Teagan saw large schools blue chronis and sergeant majors, and one school of large jack off the deep end of the reef. There was also the usual assortment of parrot fish and wrasses. They headed back to Mom and Derek.

We decided to let the current carry us to the wreck of the Callie. That worked well for a while, but the current gave out along the way and we had to kick. The visibility became worse along the way also. Once we were directly in front of Don Foster’s Dive Shop, we found it.

The wreck covered a large area. Mom and Derek headed in to Don Foster’s, while Teagan and Richard went to the far end of the wreck. They found a coral reef at that end, but the visibility didn’t improve so they didn’t explore it much. After about ten more minutes on the wreck, they headed in also. We rinsed of in a shower at Don Foster’s and headed back to the car. Mom and Teagan got ice cream at Burger King and Derek got, appropriately, a cheeseburger. On the way back to the condo we stopped at Chicken!Chicken! to get some cornbread and looked around in Diver’s Supply.

Richard and Teagan grilled some marinated chicken thighs. While they were grilling, we took some family pictures on the beach. The we ate supper in the condo. Afterward, we played euchre and hearts.

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