14 July 2008

We left the campsite around 9:30 a.m. and headed for the Cathedral Lakes Trail.  It was a little difficult going uphill on the John Muir part of the trail.  Maybe it was the elevation that was getting to us.  We stopped a few times for breaks.

After an initial uphill part, the trail leveled off for a period, then headed uphill again.  We turned off the John Muir Trail at the Cathedral Lakes cutoff with about 0.5 miles to go.

The side trail to the lake was mostly downhill and level.  With the recent rain, the meadow around the lake was very muddy.  There were a few small streams to jump across.  At one of these, Richard jumped and landed with one foot deep in some mud.  As his momentum carried him forward, his shoe remained behind embedded in the mud.  It must have been amusing to watch him hopping back to the shoe on one foot to retrieve it.

Once at the lake, we ate a few snacks.  We were entertained by some high school summer workers in the park who were learning a dance to Crank That (Souldja Boy).  It was pretty funny.

As we returned to camp, a thunderstorm came on.  We stayed in the car for a while waiting for the rain to stop.  When the rain persisted, we went to the grill back on Tioga Rd. for some food.  Teagan got a cheeseburger and Richard got some chili.

There had been an landslide on the main road, and the traffic was backed up for as far as we could see, so we couldn’t get back to camp.  So we hung out in the store and bumped into our camping neighbors and chatted with them for a long while as we waited for the road to reopen.

Once the road was cleared, we returned to the campsite and walked around the campground.

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