15 July 2008

We left the campsite and headed to the Lembert Dome parking area.  Our plan was to do a ranger-led all-day hike that went to Tuolemne Falls.  It turned out that it was led by Joanna Cooke, the same ranger who did the campfire program we attended a couple of nights ago.  There was another man, Tim, who went with us, but that was it.  It was fun not having many people along because we got more input on exactly what we did.

Along the hike we had good views of the Unicorn Peak, Cathedral Peak, Echo Peak, Echo Ridge, Fairview Dome, Pothole Dome, Mounts Dana and Gibb.  The hike was mostly level.  It began in a wooded area, then followed the Tuolemne River.  It took about 5 miles to get to Toulemne Falls.  We at snacks at the falls and took pictures.  Then we headed back.

Joanna gave us the option to take a different route back along a non-maintained user trail that followed the river on the opposite side.  This trail got us back to Tioga Rd. a little faster by way of Pothole Dome, where we took the shuttle back to the Lembert Dome parking area.

Along the hike we saw deer, marmot, vole, ground squirrels, and something that looked like a pika (it was a rodent with big ears and no tail).

We stopped at the store for firewood so we could build a camp fire on out last night of tent camping.  After supper, we got the fire going and roasted marshmellows.

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