17 July 2008

We went to the Ansel Adams Gallery for a photo walk at 9:00 a.m.  The walk went to Cook’s Meadow to begin with.  We took some pictures of Half Dome and talked about the rule of thirds.  Then we continued east in the valley and took some pictures of Lower Yosemite Falls.  Our last stop was a a bridge where we took some water pictures.

The walk finished at 11:00 a.m.  After that, we went to a quick lunch place in the village.  Then we headed to Lower Yosemite Falls trail to get a close look at it.

We, along with many others, went beyond the official trail up to the pool at the base of the falls.  This required some scrambling.

There were dozens of people there – some even swimming in the frigid pool.  After enjoying the view and taking pictures.  We headed down.

There was no official, or even common, way to get down or up.  It seemed like everyone just figured out how they wanted to go.

The path down we took led to a difficult leap across some water.  Teagan made the leap, but gradually slipped back down the rock.  She was hugging the rock all the way down, but she eventually ended up waist deep in one of the pools.  She was enjoying the chill of the dip briefly, and got back up on the rock with the help of someone who had gone ahead of her.

We retraced our steps to find a simpler way down.  After some exploring, and one ten foot jump, we got back to relative safety and continued back to the official trail.

We headed back to the village to get the car.  Then we headed to the raft rental location on the Merced River.  They were fully rented out for the day, so we headed to the Mountaineering School location in Curry Village to reserve a spot for Teagan in a class.  They had an opening for Friday, so we took that one.

Then we changed into our bathing suits and headed to Sentinel Beach.  The high temperature was around 97, so we were ready for a cool dip.

The water in the Merced River seemed about a cold as the Yosemite Falls water.  It took some time to decide to take the complete plunge, but we both swam in the river.  Richard got out and went to the car to get a camera to take pictures of Teagan swimming.

Then we headed back to Curry Village for showers and supper.  We ate at the buffet in the food pavillion and then headed to the Yosemite Theater for a play.

The actor was Lee Stetson, who was the same actor Richard saw in his 1985 visit to Yosemite.  The play was different, but he was still portraying John Muir.  The play was excellent.  We got Lee to sign a book of his we bought at the play.

Then we returned to Curry Village to get ready for bed.

2 thoughts on “17 July 2008”

  1. Lee Stetson. He does a great job – and Lee knows John Muir’s writings so well that a huge percentage of Lee’s plays are direct quotes. Glad you enjoyed your trip to Yosemite.

  2. Theresa,

    Thanks for the correction. I forgot that we left Lee’s last name blank, so I fixed that. I still think about Lee’s play from our recent trip. It will probably turn out to be one of my lasting memories from our recent visit to Yosemite, just like the play I saw in 1985 was.

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