18 July 2008

After we got up, we headed to the Mountaineering Shop in Curry Village.  After everyone was geared up and listened to a brief talk by the instructor, the group of eight students headed to Yosemite Lodge using the shuttle.  The instructor met them at the shuttle stop and they headed to some nearby rocks used for climbing.

We started with doing a figure 8 knot, which i got frustrated with. then we did belaying and repelling on the ground which i was fine at. Jo showed us some techniques on a rock on the ground about how to move left and right, while Scott set up the ropes for us to climb. After we practiced some on the ground rock we did some real rock climbing. I was in a group with 2 moms. there was a climber, belayer, and back up belayer. My group started with the easiest climb. It was like a warm up for me, although i did get stuck on part of it temproarly. Next we did one that was harder. The hardest part of this one was the bottom of it, then it got easier. The instructor helped me with that one. We took a lunch break after that.

After lunch, my group did the Bake Sale climb. They call it that because its in the sun. It goes up to 90 ft. Richard came just in time to take pics of me. I got stuck on part, but eventually Jo told me something that helped and i went to the top. My feet were tired afterwards. A few mins after i got down, I went to climb the only one I hadnt done yet.  Scott belayed me. It was nearly vertical, with some cracks in the rock. so it was a lot of leaning in weird ways and stuff. The whole thing was pretty fun, especially the Bake Sale.

While Teagan was in rock climbing class, Richard worked on Teagan’s phone.  Then he explored the valley using the shuttle system.  He shopped a little, and around 1:30, headed to the climbing rocks.

Teagan was just beginning her 90 foot climb when he got there.  After she completed that, she did the remaing wall which was a nearly verticle ascent.

Once climbing class was over, we headed back to Curry Village to visit the climbing shop.  Then we got ready for a hike up to the Mirror Lake area.  We went a little past the lower lake, but it was getting late, so we headed back to the shuttle stop to got to supper.

We ate at Degnan’s Pizza Loft in Yosemite Village.  Its menu is nearly identical to the pizza place in Curry Village, but the wait is much shorter.

After we finished supper, we headed to Sentinel Bridge.  It was almost 8:00 p.m. when we got there and the light on Half Dome was very good.  We took a few photos and headed back to the tent cabin for the night.

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