21 July 2008

Richard awoke this morning to the sound of our naibors across the walkway. He thought it was just some boy opening a bear locker. The boy got out a cooler and Richard heard him set it on top of the bear locker. Then he heard the cooler fall. Then Teagan awoke when we heard someone yelling. we couldn’t tell exactly what she was saying, but it sounded something like “Pa.”  Richard thought he was calling for his dad.  It turned out it was an Asian women calling for her husband. When she was yelling Richard said “I think it might be a bear.” Teagan quickly got on her pants and shoes and opened the door. There was a bear and its cub across the walkway. Teagan stared in disbelieve for a few seconds. There were many other people gathered around taking pics and we did the same. The bear was eating food out of the cooler from the bear locker. After awhile the bear moved on and wondered elsewhere in the tent cabin area. Then we heard a employe chasing it off and Teagan saw a glimpse of him.  The women said she took the cooler out and the bear just came so she ran into her tent cabin and yelled.

Since we had been awaked on an exciting morning we decided to go eat breakfast at the coffee place. On our way there some ppl were looking at a deer in the parking lot. We looked and took some pics. It had antlers with velvet on them. Then we continue to eat breakfast.

After breakfeast, we drove around the valley looking at vistas for photographs.

Around 11am we rented a raft and rode it down the Mercedes River. We stopped at a beach for lunch and ate some sandwhiches. We continued down the river until we got to Sentinel Beach where the rafts end. We got in the water for a few mins. We rode a school bus back to the raft rental place and walked back to our tent cabin to change.

Next we went to the Visitor Center and watched The Spirit of Yosemite, a video about Yosemite. We looked at the Geology Exibit while we were there.

We drove around the valley again to take pics. We went to Valley View, Bridalvail Fall, and Tunnel View. We had been to Valley View before, but it looked like good lighting so we stopped anyway. Bridalvail Fall didnt have much water coming out. It was so little water, it pretty much fell wherever the wind blew it. We spent a good amount of time at Tunnel View taking pics and just looking at the cool senery.  Great view of the valley with El Capitan, Half Dome, Cathedral Rocks, and Cathedral Spires.

We headed back down to the valley and ate supper at the picnic area by Swinging Bridge.  We ate 2 packages of our backpacking food, Beef Strogaf and some chicken and noodles.  We headed back to the tent cabin for the night.

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