22 July 2008

We ate breakfeast at the Awahnee Hotel. The dining area looked pretty fancy and the food was good. There were lodgepole supports in the ceiling. We both ate the buffet, which had a good selection of food. There was an omelet chief at the buffet that fixed an omelet for you with whatever you wanted in it. We both got omelets along with many other things.  The fruit was very good.

Next we rented bikes at a place in Curry Village. The bikes had no gear changes and they had coaster brakes. We rode the bike trails around the valley. We went into some of the meadows and looked around. We turned the bikes in and walked to the Taqueria in Curry Village. Teagan got taco supreme, which turned out to be a lot of food. Richard got a chicken burrito.

After lunch we decided to hike some of the valley loop. We parked near El Capitan. We walked west along the Valley Floor Trail and crossed the Pohono Bridge. Then we hiked back to the El Capitan Bridge and back to the car. The trail was hard to follow in places because it wasnt well marked. We ended up walking along the road for short amounts of time.

We drove back to Curry Village to eat supper, but the lines were too long so we went to Yosemite Lodge and ate in the food court there. It was a little hectic with the lines and everything but eventually we got our food. Teagan got a bacon cheeseburger and Richard got black bean and beef soup.

We headed to the tent cabin for the evening.

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