Day 1, Tuesday, 30 June 2009

We left home at 6:40 am and arrived at the Nashville airport at 7:15. We checked our bags and got boarding passes from the Voyagers International representative. Teagan realized that she had packed her neck wallet (with passport) in her checked bag, so we had to get Delta to pull her bag so we could retrieve it. It turned out they had tagged my bag with Teagan’s tag, so the bag they brought us was mine. But we eventually got the neck wallet so all was well. If Delta had asked to see our passports when we checked in, we could have avoided the problem.

The group moved down to the gate around 8:15 and waited to board our 10:05 flight. The flight left a few minutes late, but since we had a long layover in Detroit, it didn’t really matter.

We were off the plane in Detroit by 1:00 pm EDT. We were to meet the group at the departure gate at 5:00, so we had plenty of free time to roam the concouse.

While we were eating lunch, the concourse was blocked off, effectively cutting it into two pieces, due to some security breach. That lasted about an hour. Once the barriers were removed, we were able to get to the terminal area and visit the more interesting shops: Motown Music, Henry Ford.

We met the group at the departure gate at 5:00 and awaited the boarding call for our 6:40 pm flight. Once the call came, we boarded our Boeing 767 (with 2/3/2 seating) and took off on time.

We used the individual flat panels to watch TV (R), a movie (T), and play Bejeweled. Teagan was able to score alot more the I was. She made it to level 7. Teagan watched the movie I love you man.

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