Day 2, Wednesday, 1 July 2009

We arrived in London’s Heathrow at 7:40 London time.  We cleared customs and headed to Windsor castle which is only about 20 minutes from the airport.

Teagan and I decided to do the optional castle tour rather than just sightsee in the town.  We got there just in time to see the changing of the guard.  This was a highly ceremonial, and somewhat strange, affair that lasted about 30 minutes in what was unusually hot and sunny London weather.

Since we were already at the parade ground, we went into nearby St. George’s Chapel.  The Gothic architecture was stunning.  We explored the chapel with the audio device provided as part of the admission fee.  The Quire was especially interesting.

We left through the gift shop and walked around the grounds of the rest of the castle using the audio device as needed.  We decided not to wait in line for the Dall House and State Apartments tour, and left in search of lunch around 1:30.  We ate at a pub.  We split orders of a smoked haddock fish cake and a bacon and cheese potato jacket.

We met back at the bus at 3:00 to head to our hotel: the Thistle City Barbican Hotel.  Traffic was heavy and slow, so we didn’t arrive until 4:30.  We got checked in and met for supper at 5:30.  Some fairly plain chicken was served with green beans and potato slices and salad.  The meal was quite adequate, but was nothing special.

After receiving instructions, we broke into our assigned groups for a walking tour.  We headed toward the Thames, stopping at the London Wall, then St. Paul’s Cathedral.  Teagan and I lost our group, so we paired up with one of the other groups (Mr. Kinzer’s) that had lots of Ravenwood ppl in it.  We headed to the Millenium Bridge where we crossed the Thames.  We got some ice cream from a street vendor.

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