Day 5, Saturday, 4 July 2009

Today was a travel day, so we got started early.  We dropped the luggage off in the coach area at 5:30 am, then off to breakfast in the hotel.  The breakfasts have been essentially the same all three days.  There was cereal, croissants and other breads, ham products, and cheese, together with coffee and juice to drink.

By 6:45, we were all on the coaches and departing for Dover where we were taking a ferry across the English Channel to Calais.

We arrived in Calais around 8:15 where the coaches cued up to load on the ferry.  Our ferry was scheduled to leave at 10:00, so we had some time to walk around.

About 9:30, we rode the bus onto the ferry.  The we exited the bus and headed up to the deck area.  A lot of us sat on the back of the boat and watched the white cliffs of Dover recede into the horizon – until we hit fog and couldn’t really see anything.  Most people had brought some lunch items along; others purchased food on the ferry.  Teagan and I ate the cheese and crackers we picked up last night.

We arrived in Calais around 1:00 pm (losing an hour in the channel due to a time change).  We boarded the coach and headed south toward Paris.  We stopped at a rest area along the way that had a couple of places to eat and some gift shops.  I took a walk around back to a wooded area where I saw some kind of magpie.

We were there about an hour and fifteen minutes until 3:45, then we continued to Paris.

Even though it was a Saturday, the traffic as we headed to the restaurant was at a standstill.  It took about 45 minutes to finish the last 2 km of the trip.

At supper we had quiche lorraine, turkey cutlets with mushroom sauce, and custard for dessert.  The food was very good.

Then we took the coaches to the Saphir Hotel outside Paris.  Once there, we moved into our rooms and gathered for a meeting with the staff.  That broke up around 9:30.

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