Day 7, Monday, 6 July 2009

Today was an early day with breakfast from 7:00 to 7:45.  The coaches left the hotel at 8:00.

After experiencing the fabulous Monday morning traffic, we arrived at the Eiffel Tower about 9:15.  We had about two hours of free time in the tower area.  Our small group went to the tower first, stopping for pictures along the way, of course.  After looking around at the trinkets for a few minutes, we bought tickets to climb the stairs.

We decided to go only to the first level so that we’d have time to explore the area around the tower and get lunch.  We spend some time looking around the first level to see the different views.  Then we went down.

We picked a random direction to walk, and proceeded until we found a fruit shop and also a panini shop.  We were looking for food we could take with us, so we passed up on the restaurants we saw.

Then we headed back to the coach area.  Some of the ones in our group needed a rest room (a toilette), but the lines at the tower were too long, so we skipped that.

We, along with everyone else, were back at the coach at 11:20.  A French guide joined us and narrated a tour of Paris.  We ended up at Luxembourg Gardens at 1:30 to set up for the band concert.

I walked around the area to see the gardens while the band set up and got ready.  The concert started at 2:00.  I videotaped the concert.  There was a pretty good crowd there.  The longer the band played, the more people migrated over to hear what was going on.

The concert wrapped up at about 2:55.  The people in the band who also sing in the chorus left quickly so they could go on to Notre Dame before the choir concert.  The rest of the choir had already left.

After the band equipment was put away, the band headed to Notre Dame.  We got there about 3:25, took about 30 minutes for a quick look, then proceeded to the choir concert.

We arrived at the St. Severin Church after the concert was underway.  That was the original plan – there just wasn’t enough time to see Notre Dame and make it to the concert on time.  The choir sounded great in the stone church. Having to replace the choir director caused a little confusion on their first concert, but this time everything was just right.  [We got a report Mr. Clark was diagnosed with dehydration and mononucleosis when he got back to the states.  So even if he had been correctly diagnosed in London, he and Mrs. Clark (original choir director) would have had to return home anyway.]

After the concert, we headed to supper, again, at Restaurant Le Saulnier.  Tonight it was a first course of, perhaps, Welsh Rarebit (just my guess), beef Bourgonon, and for dessert, it was a custard-filled puff pastry with a sweet sauce drizzled over.

Then it was back to the hotel for an early night since we have a very early morning tomorrow.

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