Day 8, Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Today was a travel day, so breakfast was at 7:00 am.  By 8:00, we were off to Switzerland.

We headed southwest out of Paris and passed through Troyes, Dijon, and Besancon before entering Switzerland.  Along the way, we made a couple of rest stops in France, the second one being for lunch.  We also made a rest stop shortly after entering Switzerland.

We arrived in Crans-Montana about 8:00 pm.  Rain along the way, plus a detour around a tunnel, made us about an hour late. We met the local Voyager International people for an orientation in the town tent (where the concert will be held).  After that, we moved on to the hotel for supper.

Each bus was assigned a different hotel this time.  The one for the red bus was the Hotel Eldorado.  Most of the rooms had a view over the vast valley (the Rhone valley, I think).  The elevation of Crans-Montana is about 1,500 meters, which is about 1,000 meters above the valey floor.

Supper provided a pleasant surprise in the quality of food.  While the food in London and Paris was perfectly adequate, the food here was excellent.  The first course was a salad buffee; the second was pasta with marinara sauce; the entree was a chicken fillet in mushroom sauce served with french fries; and the dessert was (I forget).  The hotel is family-run and the level of service was exceptional.

Since we were late getting to Crans-Montana, there wasn’t much time to explore the town after supper.  The town has quiet time beginning at 10:00 pm, so the students had to be in their rooms by then anyway. Most of us just got unpacked and went to bed early.

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