USVI 21 Dec 2009 (Mon)

After breakfast in the condo, we headed to Coki Beach. We were there early enough to beat the crowd. We snorkeled the rocks on the western end of the beach. We saw a trumpetfish with a bright blue snout.

After an hour, we got out of the water and walked along the beach to the rocks near Coral World. We snorkeled there for about 15 more minutes.

We returned to the condo for lunch. Then we headed to the water in front of the condo. This time we looked in the grass beds and then headed northwest toward Cabes Point. We snorkeled all the way out to the point.  There was an area at the point where the snorkeling was quite good.

After an hour and 10 minutes, we returned to the beach, then to the condo to clean up.

Teagan and I took the Jeep up to Mountaintop. It was shut down. We got some good views of the island from the 1500 ft. elevation, but it was a ghost town. On the way back to the condo, we stopped at Drake’s Seat for a nice view of Magan’s Bay. Drake’s fleet wasn’t there.

We returned to the condo to make spaghetti. Afterward, we played Hearts. Derek won.

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