USVI 22 Dec 2009 (Tue)

After breakfast in the condo, we boarded a boat at the nearby marina for a snorkeling trip.  Our first stop was Little St. James Island.  Derek saw an eagle ray right after he got in the water.  The area was very colorful with the usual complement of reef fish.  We stayed in the water for an hour.  The water temperature was about 80 degrees.

Our next stop was Cow and Calf Rocks.  There were walls down to about 30 feet.  On the shallow side of the reef, there was a lot of coral close to the surface, so the color was very good.  We saw two turtles, lots of fish.

After the boat trip, we returned to the condo for sandwiches.  Then we took a drive along the north shore of the island to Magen’s Bay.  It is a U-shaped bay with a nice beach at the bottom of the U.  It is a public park with an entrance fee, currently $4/person.

The beach was pretty crowded on the east end where the services are.  We walked the entire beach and took a few pictures.  We left around 4:00 and headed to a grocery store for some supplies.

We returned to the condo and made pepperoni pizza from our grocery supplies.

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