USVI 24 Dec 2009 (Thu)

We had cheese omelets for breakfast in the condo, then Derek, Teagan, and I headed into Charlotte-Amalie to look at the shops.  There was a large shopping district along the waterfront back to Main Street (one block).  We looked in several souvenir stores.  Some of the shops were pleasant, but most had aggressive salespeople who wouldn’t leave us alone.

Derek and Teagan bought a few items.  Then we headed back to the condo for sandwiches.

After lunch, we loaded up to to snorkeling at Secret Harbor.  We had talked to a boat captain in the nearby dive shop who said the south side of the island was probably our best bet for snorkeling because of the wind direction.

We had a little trouble finding the correct turn-off, since it wasn’t marked with either a name or a number.  But we finally arrived at the Secret Harbor Resort parking lot.  We unloaded and headed to the rocks on the south side of the beach.

Linda was first into the water, followed by Derek.  Derek quickly returned before Teagan and I were fully in.  He was having a serious leak in his mask.  We were looking over his mask for a few minutes.  Before we had it figured out, Linda returned.  The visibility was pretty bad all the way out to the south point.

We moved over to the rocks along the north side of the bay, but it was just as bad.  So we packed it in and headed back to the condo.  Teagan and I build a sand castle on the beach while Linda snorkeled out to the rocks on the southeast side of the beach.

Derek came to the beach to see the sand castle, then Teagan, Derek, and I played a pickup beach volleyball game with some other people form the condos.

We ate supper in our condo in an effort to use up some of the food we brought from the states.  We had tuna/salmon melt hoagies, mac&cheese, and fiesta rice.  Teagan made brownies for dessert.

We all played two games of pinnocle afterward.

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