USVI 25 Dec 2009 (Fri)

Teagan and I went to Coral World at Coki Point soon after they opened.  We started with the shark/ray tank, then went to the underwater viewing area.  This is a building that allows you to descend below the water level to the reef offshore.  You can look through viewing windows to see the reef.  The visibility was ok, but not great.  We saw an unusual number of trumpet fish there, along with the usual other reef fish.

We looked at the sea turtles on the way back in, then went to the lorakeet aviary.  From there, we went into a building that had lots of acquariums set up.  The displays were very nice.  There was an area in there lit only by uv light to show reef creatures at night.  We were able to see coral with their soft tissue exposed as they do at night.

From there we saw a ray petting tank, then a nature trail that had lots of land turtles.  Then we went to the large acquarium full of large reef fish.  Its set up so the viewers stand in a large circle and look out to see the tank, which is like a giant torus.  The fish tend to swim around the circle so you can really just stand in one spot and see the fish swim by.  Then when you walk around the circle, you can see the stationary creatures.

We hit the gift shop, then headed back to the condo.  We ate lunch there, and headed to the beach to snorkel the point just southwest of the condo.  Derek’s mask was leaking, so he headed in quickly.  Teagan was having fogging problems, and since the visibility wasn’t that good, she headed in too.  They went back to the condo.  Linda and I swam around the point and came in in front of the condo.  Then we walked the the northwest end of the beach and swam out to that point.  The visibility was a lot better there and we had a pretty good snorkel.

When walked back the the beach in front of the condo and we played on the beach there.  Derek, Teagan, and I played volleyball, but we only picked up one other player, so we had to play 2-on-2 on the full-size court.

We ate supper at the condo and played cards afterward.

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