USVI 26 Dec 2009 (Sat)

Teagan got up early to head to the water for a windsurfing lesson.  We got there a little after 8:00 a.m., but the instructor said he was short-handed until 10:00 and we should come back then.

Derek, Teagan and I played frisbee in water while we were waiting.  It was a little difficult because the water got deep quickly off the beach.  So were were trying to throw in chest deep water.  We also had to watch out for the rocks.  But we did ok.

We checked back a little after 10:00 at the dive shop and set up a lesson for 10:30.  Teagan got some instruction on land for about 15 minutes, then headed out to water.  The instructor followed her in a kayak to give further instruction.

There was very little wind to practice on, but Teagan learned the basics.  After the hour lesson, since there wasn’t enough wind to do much with, we headed back to the condo for lunch.

After lunch, Linda headed down to the beach with her snorkeling gear and a floatie.  She explored the point southeast of the condo.  A little later, Teagan and I went snorkeling out to Cabes Point northwest of the  condo.

Linda had good visibility on her snorkel at Prettyklip Point and said it was great.  Teagan and I had limited visibility.  The only saving event on our trip was that as we come coming in, we saw 3 cuddlefish.  They were very reclusive and did a good job keeping their distance as we tried to get close to them.

We returned to the condo and cleaned up.  Teagan and I drove over to the Botanical Gardens.  We got there around 3:00 p.m.  We looked at the gift shops, went to the observation deck for a great view of Magen’s Bay with Jost van Dyke, Tortola, and St. John in the background, and did the short boardwalk through the gardens.

The gardens were very lush with all sorts of plants I’d never heard of and only a few that I recognized.  Many were labeled.  Several caged parots added to the tropical feel of the walk.

We looked around the property a little more, but we didn’t go into the Great House since it was almost closing time.  We returned to the condo to get ready for supper.

We ate supper at Iggie’s at the Bolonga Bay Resort.  The food there was quite good.  Teagan had crab cakes, Richard Mahi-Mahi, and Linda and Derek had fish and chips.  Teagan and Richard’s entrees came with vegetables, rice, black beans, and fried plantains.  Karaoke was going to start at 9:00 p.m., but we were out of there by then.

We returned to the condo and played cards.

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