USVI 27 Dec 2009 (Sun)

Since this is our last day in the condo, we had large cheese omelets for breakfast to get rid of the remaining eggs.  Then Linda headed down to the water with her snorkeling gear and a floatie to check out at Prettyklip Point.  Teagan and I followed soon thereafter.  Derek stayed in the condo to read.

Teagan and I entered from the beach nearest the marina an swam straight out from shore rather than heading directly for the point.  It was overcast, but we could see pretty well in the shallow water.  There were lots of reef fish in that area, especially blue tangs and sergeant majors.  We headed toward the point so I could take pictures of the coral formations.  The we swam out to meet Linda.

She was out pretty far, and there was a current out there, so we headed back to the point.  She surf was difficult to content with there, so we headed back to the condo side of the point, then on to shore.  Linda was in for about 70 minutes.  Teagan and I were in for about 50.

Once ashore, we got Teagan set up to go windsurfing again.  She took off about 10:30 using a board with a training sail.  The wind was around 5 mph, but variable.  She did well for about an hour, but the wind carried her around the  point on the northwest side of the beach, so the staff took a jet ski out to bring her back.

After we got the windsurfer turned in, we headed back to the condo to pack and head to the airport.

The flight left around 5:15 USVI time and arrived in Atlanta at 8:10 EST.  We caught a shuttle back the the Hampton Inn where we parked our car ($7/day) and headed home.  We arrived home at 12:30 a.m. CST Monday morning.

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