Shared folders in VirtualBox

I am exploring using virtualbox on my Windows 7 64-bit machine to run Ubuntu 10.04 as a guest operating system.  Ok, its a little geeky, but I just can’t get along without a little linux once in a while.  I’ve used virtualbox before, but mostly on linux host machines running windows operating systems as guests.

Virtualbox 3.2.2 was an easy install on the windows host.  The installation of the guest additions (used to more fully integrate the mouse, keyboard, and file systems) was a little flaky, but they seem to be working ok.

I defined a shared folder in virtualbox so I could access my windows documents folder in ubuntu.  Then I attempted to mount the shared folder in ubuntu.  The command I’ve used for that before is

sudo mount -t vboxfs <sharename> <mountpoint>

vboxfs stands for ‘virtualbox file system’ I always assumed, so its easy to remember.

This has worked before for me, but after several failed attempts, I started reading documentation.  Some documents suggested using -F rather than -t, but that didn’t work either.  One private web page I found showed “-t vboxsf” rather than “-t vboxfs”.  I assumed it was a typo when I read it, but it actually worked for me.  Did some Sun (now Oracle) employee make a typo in the new virtualbox?

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