Wed 10 Aug 2011

After breakfast at the hotel , we headed toward the Madison campground, stopping along the way at various turnouts along the Madison River.

After we arrived at the campground, we set up campin space C100. After we were set up, we headed south to Fairy Falls trail. As we got near Grand Prismatic Spring, we climbed the hillside to the left for an elevated view of the spring. When the sun came out from behind the clouds, the colors in the spring were extraordinary.

We resumed the trail, but missed the turn to the falls and ended up going along fountain freight road. When we realized our mistake, we figured out we could take Imperial Meadows Trail to get back where we needed to be. So we hiked to the Imperial Geyser through the meadow. The geyser erupted almost constantly and put on quite a show. The pool around the geyser had many of the colors of the hot springs, so it was like a geyser and a hot spring combined.

When we finished there, we went to Fairy Falls, which is a 175 foot waterfall witha beautiful cascade at the bottom.

From there Ee returned to the parking lot completing our 8.2 mile hike. Our missed turn ended up adding 2 me to the trip.

From there we headed to Old Faithful. We were able to catch an eruption around 6:30 with good side lighting from the late afternoon sun.

Then we headed back to the campground where we built a fire and had supper.


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