Fri 12 Aug 2011

We made a Mountain House breakfast skillet for breakfast. Then we headed to the Great Fountain Geyser to see what the posted eruption time was. We got there at 10am which was right in the middle of the posted interval. So we were very lucky to get there just before it went off. By some measure, it is the fourth largest on the world. It erupts every 12 hours or so. It put on quite a display for us.

Lucking into the eruption delayed our planned trip to Grand Teton NP, as did the road construction near the south entrance of Yellowstone.

We ate lunch at a Coulter Bay restaurant on Jackson Lake, and continued on to Jenny Lake. From there we hiked half way around the lake and took the trail up to Hidden Falls. It was pretty crowded, due I suspect to the ferries that run from the visitor center across the lake.

The falls were spectacular like thebothers we have seen (and will see) this trip. From the falls, we took the trail up to Inspiration Point where we got a great view of Lake Jenny.

We decided to take the boat back so we could get back to the geyser basins before dark. So we went to the dick and took the boat across the lake.

From there, we headed back and stopped at the Grand Prismatic Spring boardwalk. The sun was almost setting, so we had very unique lighting on the steam.

Next, we went to the Artist Paintpot boardwalk for some sunset views of the various geothermal features there.

When we were finished, we headed back to the camp site. We arrived at 9:15pm, so we had to quickly fix our supper before the 10pm quiet time.

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