Sat 13 Aug 2011

We packed up our camp site and headed to Grand Prismatic Spring to see how the daylight colors compared to the sunset colors from last night. We walked the boardwalk and took several pictures of the brighter colors.

Then we headed toward the canyon area where we had another campsite reserved. Along the way, we stopped at Monument Geyser Basin and did the hike there. I had a lot of trouble with the steepness of the climb, even though it wasn’t much steeper than other hikes we have done here. At the top there were several geysers. Along the way, there were good views of the Gibbon River, and a canyon.

Next we headed to the Artist Paintpots. We ate lunch in the parking lot, then headed to the boardwalk. There were several hot springs, the at the top of the hill there were paintpots bubbling whitish mud.

We arrived at Canyon Campground around 3:00 pm. We set up our campsite. At first, we couldn’t find where the tent was supposed to go, but we found the pad down a short trail from the picnic table. It is very secluded.

We drove around the canyon region to orient ourselves. We did the north rim drive and the south rim drive. Then we ate supper at the cafeteria in the Canyon Village.

I took a shower and did laundry. Then we went to a ranger talk on the geology of Yellowstone.

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