Sun 14 Aug 2011

We left the campsite around 9:00 am and headed for the south rim trail. The parking lot where we wanted to start was closed due to bear activity, so we had to use the nearby Uncle Tom parking lot. From there we headed east along the rim of the canyon. We took pictures along the way. We stopped at Artist Point for moe pictures. The canyon was much more colorful than yesterday when we saw it late in the afternoon.

From Artist Point, we took a trail to Lily Pond Lake: then on through a thermal region to Clear Lake. We couldn’t go much past Clear Lake due to the bear activity. The lakes area and meadows were spectacular with wildflowers.

We headed back to the parking lot on the Vlear Lake Trail. We ditched our gear and headed to the Upper Falls Overlook on the South Rim Trail to get a great view of the upper falls. There was even a rainbow for us in the mist.

From the South Rim, we headed south to Otter Creek picnic area. We used one of our salmon packs to make sandwiched.

We continued south to the Sulphur Cauldron. Along the way we encountered a herd of bison.

Next we did the Mud Valcano boardwalk. There was a herd of buffalo all over the area by the walkways and paths, so we had to keep a close eye on them while Ee took in the geothermal features.

Next we headed to the Fishing Bridge Visitor Centrr, then the Indian Pond/Storm Point hike by Lake Yellowstone. This 3-mile loop took us along a meadow of wildflowers, then through a pine forest, then to the point. It was really too windy to fully enjoy the view of Lake Yellowstone with the mountainous background, but we tried.

We followed the path along the lake shore to a lava outcropping the slowed us to walk out into the lake. Then we headed back.

From there we headed to Bridge zbsy for the Natural Bridge Trail. The trail starts in the marina parking lot, passes by the campground, then cuts across s forest to an old road. The trail follows the road until near the natural bridge. We kept going on the trail up dome switchbacks so we could get to the top of the bridge. Than we came down and looked at the bridge from below.

As we were returning, I spotted s black bear about 50 feet in front of us just off the trail digging atround a tree trunk. The bear was way too close to the trailfor us the pass, so we slowly backed up to get our of harms way. The bear saw us, but just went snout it’s business. When it was far enough from the trail, we resumed.

We stopped at the deli in Canyon Village for sandwiches, then returned to the campsite. We build a big fire for s’mores.

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