Tue 16 Aug 2011

Teagan wasn’t feeling well enough for a hike, so we decided to drive around and go for short walks. We picked up some picnic items and headed north toward Tower Fall.

We stopped for a picnic lunch at the Cascade Lake picnic area, then headed toward Dunraven Pass. We stopped at several turnouts for pictures.

We were going to walk a short piece of the Dunrsven approach to Mount Washburn, but the parking lot was jam packed, so we just went on.

We stopped at several more turnouts on the way to Tower Fall. Once there, we did the short hike to the observation platform. From there, we took the steep trail down to the water. Unfortunately, the part of the trail that leads to the base of the falls was closed , so we had to settle with seeing to the Yellowstone River (the river the fall flows into).

We returned the the car and continued toward Tower Junction. We stopped at the Overhanging Cliff and the Calcite Springs overlook. Apparently, we just missed seeing a bear there. The views of the Yellowstone Canyon there were really good.

We stopped at Roosevelt Lodge to look around, the we drove west from Tower Junction to see a petrified tree located just a half mile off the main road.

We continued west toward Mammoth and turned off on the Blacktail Plateau Drive to come back toward Tower Junction. From there, we headed east to Lamar Valley. We saw a lot of bison there, but nothing else.

We turned around after Lamar Valley and headed back to the campsite. We stopped at overlooks to see how different the landscape looked in the late afternoon light. We also walked briefly up the Mt. Washburn
trail to see the wildflowers.

When we got back to camp we made supper. Then we went to a ranger talk on Thomas Moran.

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