21 May 2012 New Orleans

We left the hotel around 11am and walked to the Cafe du Monde at the French Market.  We got cafe au lait and beignets (Teagans cafe was iced).  After our brunch, we walked to the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park next door for a good view of the river on one side, and Jackson Square/St. Louis Cathedral on the other.  We took a few pictures and then walked along the river toward the French Market shops.

Our plan was to get a Muffuletta for lunch at the Central Grocery, but we discovered they were closed on Mondays.  A quick search on the iPhone revealed a nearby shop with highly rated muffulettas, so we went with the new plan.

Before lunch, we hit many of the shops in the French Market.  Teagan bought a key chain.  Then we went to Alberto’s Gourmet Cheeses and split a half muffuletta.  We ate under the French Market canopy in an area with live music.

After lunch, we headed to Jackson Square to look at the artwork.  Then we headed back to the hotel for a break.  As always, we stopped in several shops as we walked.

After a rest in the hotel, we retrieved our car from the parking garage to go out for the evening. The plan was to visit Martin’s Wine Cellar for about an hour and then head to Pascal’s Manale for a 7:30pm dinner.  We had a little trouble finding Martin’s, and when we did we discovered it was also closed on Mondays.  So we decided to drive around the Uptown area.  We ended up at Audubon Park for a short walk before we headed to dinner.

At the restaurant, we ordered Oysters Bienville for an appetizer.  They were really excellent. For entrees, Teagan got the barbecue shrimp and I got a bowl of seafood gumbo and a side of grilled asparagus.  Teagan’s shrimp were a little difficult to peel (the shell would really stick to the meat),  but all the food was great.

After supper, I was ready to head back to the hotel and chill, but Teagan thought it was too early for that.  So we decided to go the Preservation Hall to hear some dixieland music.  We parked near the French Quarter at Royal and Canal Streets and walked to St. Peter Street.  The second set had just started when we got there, so there was no line.  We got right in and stood in the back of the historic concert room for almost a full set of dixieland music by several of the stock players (piano, tuba, drums, saxophone, trombone, and trumpet).  We also stayed for one song in the third set before leaving to return to the hotel.

On the way back to the car we stopped in a bar with live music for a few minutes, and also a zydeco shop on Canal Street.  The shop had some funny-named items, like bags of “Wake the fuck up”  coffee, and hot sauces with names that I don’t even want to write here.

We got back to the hotel around 11:30.

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