22 May 2012 New Orleans

We wrote a post card to Betty, but when we tried to mail it on the way out of the hotel they didnt have any stamps. We walked to a wallgreens to get some and back to the hotel to mail it.  By the time we left and got to the Audubon Zoo it was 12.  It looked like a lot of the zoo was built around the live oaks that were already there.  The zoo had a swampy area so that was unique.  There was also a pretty big aviary.  They had lions and leopards that were cool.  Dad got a post card to mail to Derek to see if he remembers going to the zoo when he was little.  We left the zoo around 5 when it closed.

After leaving the zoo we stopped to Martin’s Wine Cellar, but it didn’t have anything interesting to look at.  All it had was wine and alcoholic beverages.  Then we had the idea to look in the Whole Foods we’ve seen driving around.  It was pretty much like a whole foods anywhere else though.  So we just headed back to the hotel and rested.

When we got back to the hotel room we just rested.  I took a nap and Dad just chilled.  I woke up around 7:30 and we got ready to go to Cochon’s Cajun Southern Cooking for dinner.  We had a reservation for 8:30 and the place was packed when we got there.  We ordered alligator with chili garlic aioli sauce as an appetizer.  They also brought out rolls that were very good.  For entrees, I got Louisiana Cochon with Turnips, Cabbage, and Cracklins.  It just tasted like pulled pork with cabbage.  The turnips tasted like potatoes.  The only weird thing was the cracklin but it didn’t taste bad at all.  Dad got Rabbit and Dumplings.  He thought it was really good, but by the end he got a little tired of the saltiness.

Once we were done, we drove around a little to see the Aquarium and Riverwalk to see where we would spend the next day.  Then we headed back to the hotel for the night.

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