11 June 2012 – Hilton Head

Mom and Dad straightened up around the condo, then they got Erin and me up.  For lunch Dad made quesadillas.  One had the leftover dirty rice in it with cheese and jalapenos, while the other one was just cheese and jalapenos.  Erin and I split both of them.  The dirty rice one was an interesting thing to try.  Both Erin and I agreed it was our favorite of the 2.  These jalapenos were spicier than usual so the one without dirty rice was hotter since it had more of them.

Next Dad, Erin, and I headed to go kayaking at Kayak Hilton Head.  The water we were in was Broad Creek which is the body of water that cuts through the middle of the island.  Erin and I shared a kayak and Dad used a single person kayak.  This was Erin’s first time kayaking and she hasn’t been canoeing either. She did really.  The guide’s name was Mary and she had some nice stories about the island.  She didn’t give too much information like some guides do, but she gave a good amount.  Some of the stories were very interesting.  When we got back to the dock she showed us some different kinds of crabs they caught with a crab trap, including a blue crab and stone crab.  The bottoms of the different crabs looked interesting.  As she said earlier, the bottom of blue crabs looks like either the capital building dome or the Washington Monument, depending on the gender.

We headed back to the condo and got ready to go to the beach.  Mom had left to go back to Virginia by the time we got back.  At the Beach, Erin and I set up at a different spot than Dad, the same way we did yesterday with Mom.  We walked down the beach and Erin collected shells.  Then she decided to try boogie boarding, even with her friction burn.  The waves were rough though and also not all that great for boogie boarding.  By the time we were done with that, Dad decided to head back to the condo.  Erin and I followed soon after.

We spent about 1 1/2 hours at the condo and then went to eat dinner at A Lowcountry Backyard, which is the top rated restaurant on yelp and a few other sites.  They had local cuisine and it sounded nice.  When we got there we still had a 20 minute wait.  We went to the bar while we waited, and also noticed the restaurant is only 2 small rooms including the bar. I got a latte, Erin – water, and Dad – bourbon.  It was interesting watching the lady make my latte.  When we were seated Erin ordered shrimp and grits, me – island crab cakes with collard greens and “mom’s” maccaroni salad (haha), and Dad – The Bischick (chicken over biscuits with gravy) with collard greens. We all thought the restaurant deserved the ratings it got.  My crab was very flavorfull and Erin liked hers, even though its only the 2nd shrimp and grits she’s had before. Dad especially liked the collard greens.

We came back to the hotel for the night.

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