10 June 2012 – Hilton Head

The bedrooms in the condo don’t have an outside window, so the natural morning light didn’t wake us up like it does at home.

We couldn’t find any coffee filters in the kitchen of the condo, so Teagan and I headed to Publix to stock up on groceries.  Linda called and said she found them right when we were about to head to check out and buy our groceries.  We ate sandwiches at the condo for lunch.  The weather forecast showed rain arriving around 2:00 p.m., so Linda headed to the beach to try to beat the rain.  She only has one full day with us here, since she has to head back to work on Monday.

Teagan, Erin and I decided to explore the island a little via car, so we headed toward the south beach.  Along the way, we stopped at an “Hilton Head Information” center.  It turned out to be a front for a couple of timeshare salespeople.  I endured a brief sales pitch, but quickly cut off the presentation, grabbed some information brochures, and exited with all my money still in my pocket, as far as I could tell.

We took the South Forest Beach drive.  Somewhere along the way we had to pay a $5 toll.  This took us all the way to Lands End Road in the South Beach area.  Then we back-tracked and went to the Harbor Town area where the lighthouse is.  We stopped there and visited several shops.

In the meantime, Linda had called and said the sun was out at the condo, despite the forecast, so we headed back in that direction to see if we could get in some beach time before the rain arrived.  Along the way, we stopped at the General Store where two rented bikes awaited us.  Teagan and Erin rode them back to the condo.

Linda had been at the beach most of the time while we were out.  When we got back, Teagan and Erin got ready and headed to the beach.  I shuttled supplies back and forth, but didn’t really do much at the beach.

After a couple of hours at the beach, Teagan and Erin returned to the condo and Linda quickly followed.  Erin had a knee scrape from skim boarding, but it was not serious.  After a little first aid, Teagan, Erin and I went on a short bike ride.  I had brought along Teagan’s bike for a third one.

After about 30 minutes of riding, the predicted rain finally arrived, so we headed back.

Teagan, Erin and I worked on supper.  We prepared dirty rice, baked cauliflower, and garlic bread.

After supper, we all played several games of Presidents.  I won the first one, then Teagan won five in-a-row.

After that, Teagan, Erin and I played Mario Karts Double Dash.  Erin doesn’t play this game much, and Teagan almost always beats me, so let’s just say Teagan had a good night in the games department.



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