9 Jun 2012 – Hilton Head

Teagan and I left home at 8:30 a.m. to head to Erin’s house to pick her up.  We left Erin’s house around 9:15 to go to Hilton Head, SC.  We first headed toward Nashville to pick up I-440 which took us over to I-24.  We headed southeast toward Chattanooga.  We stopped in Monteagle for gas and lunch at a Wendy’s.  We noticed it was about 6 degrees cooler atop the Cumberland Plateau.

We continued through Chattanooga and picked up I-75 which took us to Macon.  The traffic in Atlanta slowed us down a little.  From Macon, we took I-16 to near Savannah, then I-95 for a few miles north to Hilton Head.  The traffic getting into Hilton Head was not bad compared to what it can be.

Linda, who has been working in Richmond, VA, drove down from there and arrived on the island before us and had already checked in at the Hilton Head Beach & Tennis Resort.  We met her at the two-bedroom condo, Admiral’s Row #228, around 7:00 p.m.

After we carried in some of our things, we walked to the beach to find food.  We stopped at Jamaica Joe’s Beach Bar, but they stopped serving food at 6:00 p.m.  So we walked to Coconutz Sportz Bar, also on the resort property, and ate supper there.  Linda and I split a Carolina style pulled pork sandwich and the young ladies got fish sandwiches.  The food was good.

We returned to the condo and brought in more stuff from the car.  We set up an N64 console and played Mario Karts 64.

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